Female Swim Instructor

Are you seeking a trusted female swim instructor for your child or yourself?  Our team of accomplished female swim instructor brings years of experience, dedication, and passion to every lesson.

Ladies swimming class


At Aweswim, we empower women of all ages and skill levels to embrace the water with confidence. Our female-friendly swim lessons cater to the unique needs and goals of our female students, ensuring a supportive and nurturing environment.

Open to all levels

Are you ready to learn the basics of swimming for your next water adventure, stay fit, or improve your strokes?

We’ve got you covered! Our swim lesson plans are tailored to your goals, offering options for both private and group lessons. In our supportive and encouraging environment, women can overcome fears, build essential swimming skills, and enjoy the benefits of swimming for fitness and relaxation.


AGE 4 – 18

In our children’s swim class, safety is our foremost concern, but beyond that lies a world of discovery. 

With their wealth of experience and diverse aquatic backgrounds, our accomplished female swim coaches ensure a vibrant and fulfilling learning experience. We encourage students to explore various aquatic sports, recognizing swimming as a fundamental foundation.

We foster confidence and skill development in a supportive environment, allowing each child to thrive in the water!

Small Class Size

Learn with Aweswim Female Swim coach Ryeo

For group classes, our small class sizes of up to 6 students per class ensure individual attention, allowing each student to progress at their own pace and enabling a customized learning experience.


Our lady coaches conduct classes at various venues. If you prefer lessons at your private estate, do contact us to discuss your preferred location.

Learn with Aweswim Female Swim coach Ryeo
Adult swim lesson


Adult swim lesson

Guiding You from Confidence to Mastery:

Beginner Swim Lessons

  • Build water confidence and learn basic survival skills.
  • Intro to fundamental strokes like freestyle and backstroke.

Intermediate Swim Lessons

  • Refine basic strokes and learn complex techniques.
  • Develop stamina and strength for longer sessions.

Advanced Swim Lessons

  • Master advanced strokes, including butterfly and breaststroke.
  • Focus on speed, endurance, and competitive skills.

Dedicated Swim Instructor

Our female swim instructors, once navigating a male-dominated sport, bring a unique perspective. Their journey from student to trailblazer enriches their teaching, empowering swimmers of all genders. Passionate about empowering women and children, our dedication stems from our deep love for aquatic sports and understanding of their benefits.